Sidestep surveillance with a decentralized chat app.

Open source, MetaMask powered, business in a box that anyone can run and create a safe space for conversation inside their community.

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Old school meets new school.

Share a passcode code amongst your friends offline and start a secret conversation in a room that is resistant to both snooping and surveillance.

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Enter a passcode and start chatting. The usernames are randomly generated for extra security.

On-Device Encryption

Everything is encrypted on device. There are no blackboxes or private keys to steal.

No Data Persistence

The chats are not stored anywhere, but rather pushed in real-time to all connected clients.

Decentralized Identity

Securely share your public address without revealing your identity.


Tiny code base means smaller attack vector and easily auditable code.

Business in a Box

Clone the repo, signup for associated services, and run your own privacy serving businesses.

Pricing Plans

Subscribe now and get start chatting without the feeling of being watched.


Everything you need to create and enter the speakeasies.



No extra features. Pay more and show your support for privacy.


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